Our company started operating in 1996 in Xanthi Greece with high production capacity and until today produces every type of pallet, reel, crate that our customers order and also sawdust for pets that is processed with Heat Treatment and is free of every type of bacteria and microorganisms.

We can certify that all of our products are free of bacteria and microorganisms with the use of heat treatment based on ispm-15.

With our experienced team, with high quality products, with fast delivery and affordable prices we are trying to do the best for our costumers.

What is Heat Treatment and what we do

We put the product in an oven that works up to 56 degrees for more than 30 minutes. The oven has 16 temperature sensors which are connected to a computer that records the temperature inside the oven every second. Our facilities are certified by State agencies and they are checked every year to make sure that everything works perfectly. Every product has a batch number and our stamp on it, which is unique and accompanied by certification.